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By AUTOMATIC-7 series, you can get the exact deposit volume by auto-correcting the difference of deposit volume might happen in the depth of material/liquid in barrel. Also, You can input each different dispensing time of up to 10 channels.
• Inputting each different dispensing time to multi channels(up to 10 channels) helps you control the different deposit volume easily.
• It has the function of auto - correcting the difference of dispensing volume by the change of mateial/liquid depth and position change of start point.
• The minimum time for auto- correction : 0.001sec (auto- revision of dispensing time per 100~500 shots in case of 50cc barrel)
• Ease to use LCD Display type
• Intellectual Controller in high speedy reaction.
• Fixed quantity dispensing in high precision
is possible even at the case of two type liquids changed in its viscosity.
• It is useful to cope with various changes, and you can realize perfect fixed – quantity dispensing on In- line.